The Long Way Around Down Under

By The Long Way Around Down Under

My family has been sponsoring a child through The Smith Family for two years now. 

For the last three years I also volunteer as a Mentor in the  iTrack program

For my 50th Birthday in 2021, I am circumnavigating Australia on a motorcycle in 50 days. 

That's 15,000kms on Highway 1, five of us over 50 days to celebrate 50 years of living.

For the trip, I’ve decided to fundraise in support of The Smith Family to make a difference to the lives of Australian children living in poverty. The Smith Family helps disadvantaged young Australians to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves – which I am so passionate about. By supporting my fundraiser today, you will help change the lives of children in need.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt via email.

Thank you so much for supporting us! 

Thank you to my Sponsors



All the best Barnesy - safe travels guys & great idea to raise money for The Smith Family...


Revolution Autocare

Wishing you and your crew a safe and memorable trip for a great cause.




Carol Browne

DD you are a legend.


Jason Hellwig

You're a good man mate.


Wei Wang

Congrats on the big Five-O. Such a great and meaningful way to celebrate it.


Explorex Caravans

Well done, great cause. Safe travels.


Sista Sonia

Go Big Brufa & team!


Kathy Guy

Congrats on a full lap. Your ride might be finished but your fundraising will continue to help. Well done fellas!


Sonia Barnes

We’ll done Lads





Jo Kirwan

Proud of you!


Brigham Glaser

Good luck and godspeed


Denice A Bird

Well done David Drury and friends, great photos.


Aaron Peters

Awesome work guys


Tash Churchill


Bentley Family

All the best for you travels! Hope to see you in Townsville



Enjoy every kilometre on the 15,000km trip! Look out for those bugs on your visors. Have an awesome trip.


Kerrin Bullock

Would have preferred to give my donation in person in Darwin. Hopefully we can reschedule.



Nice work all.


Mal Passmore

Excellent effort and cause


Kirsty Marr


Tim Hodgetts

Love your work boys! Thanks for stopping in to see us.


Eric & Jill Drury

Great Fellows, Great Cause, Great Adventure!! Congratulations and Safe riding!!


Glenn Tucker

Heres hoping you can get underway asap.


Jeff De Cagna

Rob, good luck on the trip and stay safe!


Bec Luiters


Paul Mcneill

Good luck guys!


Srilalita Padmasola

Godspeed, Rob!


Joe Stevenson

A great ride!!


Paul & Shona

Safe travels guys


Michael & Amanda Pfeffer


Fiona And Andrew Simmons

Awesome effort Guys. Well done on your 50 day ride. What a great charity 🥰


Rowan Lalor

Congrats on finishing gents!!!


The Holovach Family

Be so safe and keep having so much fun.


Shaun Crain


Chris Mortel


Kathy W

Have a great trip, guys. Very exciting.


Katrina And Craig

Wishing you all the best on your long awaited epic adventure. Dave was telling us about it last weekend, it sounds amazing! Safe travels!


Geoff Baker

Great initiative Rob! Maybe will go the other way around for my 50th?


The Will Family

Envious and proud. Have fun.


Sandra Giarde

This is amazing! Can’t wait to follow along from California.


Brett And Liza James

Great of luck! Brett and Lis


Pamela Wright

Onya Robert, great cause xxxxx


Panda Bear

You rock RB! As I read this story there’s dust in my eyes and fire in my heart. At 44 I gotta kick into gear for a target for 50. I’m not coasting I promise but I sure am a different person than I was when I was 32 when I met you, so I’m due a reinvention and if anyone can spark that, it’s you!


The Walsh’s - Your Fav Neighbours

Good luck and stay safe!!


Andrew S

Best of luck Dave, can only imagine the excitement building in your body for this massive adventure!!


Angie Karpouzis

What a great cause. All my love and support xx


Travis Eastley

Great work Legends - Looks forward to a beer on the TAS leg of the journey


Jack Caffyn



Megan Smith

💋what a great adventure and a great cause


Dean Storey

Nice one Rob.


Pete Sanders



All the best with your trip and fund raiser


Brian & Elaine Chase

Stay safe and have the time of you life!


Rob & Mo

Ride says fellas.


Megan Smith

Enjoy the travels….I certainly will be following along from home💋


Chris Harrison

Looks awesome Rob……have a great time, stay safe!


Donna Wacher

Great work David, have the best time. From Donna at the Optom


Camelotti Family


Vincenzo Caraffa


Bec S

Rob and Joe! Good to see you both road tripping together! Have the best time and stay safe! Bec x



Well done Barnesy


Renae Callcott

Can't wait to catch up with my friend of over 40 years. What a fabulous adventure and as my husband always says "die with memories not dreams".


Sean Parmenter

Have you found an apple turnover yet?


Lorrina A

Best of luck and safe travels!


The Schreuder Family

What a great trip. Well done boys xxx


Ronniiez Ho


Tebb Family

Congrats Long Way Around Down Under legends. Solid effort from everyone involved and all for a great cause. Regards The Tebb family


Alex Hills

What a cool way for a great cause.


Jane Davies

Loved following your progress and admiring the amazing photos of this wide brown land. Hope you've loved the adventure for such a good cause.



Well done Kareem Abdul JaBarnes. Be proud of yourselves. May karma be a thing for you all.


Linda Wrightson Perrin

Safe travels Rob


Morning Loaf Bakery Keith

Following your stop off in the bakery this morning, we have decided to follow your journey and donate towards your goal.


Christian Payne

Do a wheelie mate !!


Roger Thompson

Keep on trucking, I mean mountain biking!! OK! Road riding on your motor bikes! Ride safe guys, and enjoy! I look forward to more photos and vids of your trip!! Happy Belated 50th Rob!!


Steve & Sarah Minns

Great cause. :-) Enjoy the trip!



Congrats Dave, Rob, Joseph and Lockyer. What an adventure. Enjoy every single day together. Following on Instagram. Loving it :)


Courtney Czisz


Myles Coleman

A great adventure = A great cause


Cheryl & Philip Carroll


Lisa Agic

Love how you always support others RB. Can't wait to follow you on your journey and hear about all the amazing people you met on your return. Safe travels my friend xx


Andrew Mccallum

Best wishes for an amazing journey and your safe returns.


Nathan Barnes

Got hard and ride safe lads


Lee Stratton

Be safe, Roberto. Love your passion for living 😊


Lisa And Charli

Have an amazing adventure boys. Can’t wait to follow your journey


Jenny Kenny

Well done Rob. Say hi on the long way through!


Aunty Becky X

Happy 50th, ride well when you finally get to go x


Shlep, Ghi & The Dogs

50 days a 15000kms what could go possibly wrong! Enjoy boys xx


Adam Stonier

Rip in boys!



Great job guys .


Dee Hudson

All the best for the trip!


Belinda Barter

Have a great time boys! Can’t wait to follow your trip 😎


Michael Teague

Doing a great job!


Brooke Callcott


Kylie Platt


Abby Fields

Congratulations on an epic adventure! Love that you linked it to a cause that you are so passionate about.


Craig Knox

Awesome effort RB and to the whole crew. So good to follow your journey! Congrats!


Joanne Phillips



Go John Deere!


Nick Osborn


Kate Hanrahan

Wonderful job legends! Have the best time!


Greg Wyatt

Just had a chat with you at Traf pub. Good on you and good luck with the trip. Hope you have a ball.


Cohan Murray

Wish you all the best guys, I hope lockdown lifts shortly and you can get underway, take care.


Mitch Hawkins

As a fellow Svartpilen 401 owner I'm keen to see how the bike handles this trip! Good luck!


Alan Brams

Good to catch up after so long ! Safe travels!



What an epic adventure! It has been fun following your journey, looking forward to the Doco! Congratulations guys, almost home!


Sarah Purssell


Endorse Pty Ltd

Good luck. Safe riding!


John Knox


Tone Wright

Thanks for the bikkies Sammy xx


Nicole Barnes

So excited to watch this incredible journey unfold, what a truely memorable adventure. We are so proud of you all. $7 added to the account be able to say CONGRATULATIONS for reaching your fundraising goal for the Smith Family xxx