Walking 60km per day for 50 days consecutively, 3000km

By Cain Rice

My Activity Tracking


My target 60 kms

Help me support disadvantaged kids!

I’ve decided to take on this challenge because I’m determined to make a difference this year with The Smith Family. The Smith Family helps disadvantaged young Australians to succeed in school, so they can create better futures for themselves – which I am so passionate about. By supporting my challenge  today, you will be  supporting young Australians create better future for themselves.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt via email.

Thank you so much for supporting me!

Thank you to my Supporters


Local Lads Plasterboard

Good on you mate super proud of you for giving this a go its going to be a huge effort. Cant wait to see you complete it and couldn't be happier to support you and the cause. All the best.


Jamie Wimmer

You got this brother


Groves Family


Lewis Gray

Get it brother, you’ve got this.


Raymont Family

Break a leg! Love the Raymonts


Rosemary Mack

What a great course


Jess Peake

What you are doing is absolutely mind blowing, you are an absolute inspiration to our generation and should be so proud of yourself. No matter the outcome, you are STRONG and bloody incredible.


Nana Quigley

Good Luck love Nanna


Tony Barbaro

Good luck, a big challenge to undertake but I wish you all the luck.



Good on ya mate, this is a fantastic cause!




Mavtect Designs

All the best Cain


Judi Williams

Good luck Cain



Well done Cain, very proud of you x




Roxanne Ratcliff


Brandon Day


Jamie Harper



Susie Harper

awesome work!!


Maryann Mcmahon

Well done Harry!


Pam Warburton

What a wonderful cause. Good luck


Annie Kirwan


Debra Rodda

Will be wishing you well on your journey well done xx



Well done you Cain.


Margaret Miatke

Good luck Cain, awesome, Hope the weather is kind to you


Elizabeth Shadiac


Lea Smith

All the very best Cain. You should be very proud of your achievements each day. 🌷


S Loffler

What an amazing goal. Happy to support you, whether you reach it or not.


Georgia Goddard


Nicholas Velevski

Good luck bro, love your work


Richie Power

Get it boii


Mikayla Graetz


Linda Horrocks

Well Done


Jenn Oreilly

It is a lovely thing you are doing Cain. I hope you don’t get too many blisters and the weather is good to you.


Brittany Hill


Kimberly Hall

Your mind is your biggest competitor. You got this!



Big things to come my bro.


Beck Moulds

What an amazing thing to do. All the best Cain 👍🏾


Lauren Pap



Em Jay


Anna O'connor

What a great thing to do. Good on you.


Daniel Finch