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Zen's 100km run 

My fundraising activity involved running 100 km around Adelaide, South Australia. The run lasted for about 15 hours through humidity, rain, and sunshine, totaling around 2,000 metres of elevation gain..."

ZENITH, 2024 Fundraising Legend

Zen's Fundraising Story

Wine House Hunter Valley

The Wine House does two online sale events per year, one in May and one in November. The winemakers that we work with all support the charity sale by allocating some of their best wines to us at really great prices. .”

Suzanne and Ian, 2022 - 2024 Fundraising Legends

Wine House Hunter Valley's Story

Caitlin's Lemonade & Crepe Stall

“Me and my dad made crepes and lemonade. We love making crepes every other Sunday and thought we could spread the joy of our delicious breakfast around the neighborhood, while supporting a great cause."

CAITLIN, 2024 Fundraising Legend

Caitlin's Fundraising Story