Zen's 100km Run

For Zen's 23rd birthday, he chose to run 100km around Adelaide, fundraising for The Smith Family. His inital fundraising goal was $2,300 for his 23rd birthday, however he absolutely smashed his goal raising a total $8,613 - way to go Zen!

Keep reading to learn more his incredible fundraising story and how you can do something similar!

Tell us about your connection to TSF?

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My connection to The Smith Family comes from my personal values and experiences, ultimately being inspired by what they do. I personally have a connection to The Smith Family’s work, as I feel that education has been a big cornerstone in my life and has opened a lot of doors.

Tell us a bit about your fundraising activity.

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My fundraising activity involved running 100 km around Adelaide, South Australia. The run lasted for about 15 hours through humidity, rain, and sunshine, totaling around 2,000 metres of elevation gain and involved consuming a lot of food!

Tell us a little bit more about what inspired you to fundraise for The Smith Family?

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What inspired me to undertake this event, and particularly to raise money for The Smith Family, was that the event coincided with my 23rd birthday. After a tumultuous year, I wanted to make this birthday special by giving back. I have always felt quite fortunate for the opportunities I was given as a child, and as such, I am very passionate about providing these opportunities to others who may not have them.

What was your favourite moment?

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Throughout the fundraising event and lead-up, my favorite moment was the day itself and ultimately finishing! When crossing the finish line, I had many of my friends and family waiting there, cheering me on through the pain. After a big day and a lot of mental and physical struggle, a massive wave of emotion overcame me, as the sense of achievement and community was something I had never felt before.

What is your top tip for other fundraisers wanting to get involved?

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My top tip would be to get the community involved as much as possible. I found that running your own event has so much more power than you realise. While it raises awareness, inspiring others and allowing everyone to get behind one collective cause is what I believe makes the biggest change.

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