Caitlin's Lemonade & Crepe Stall

Caitlin embarked on a flavourful adventure to raise funds for The Smith Family by creating her very own lemonade and crepe stand - yum! With her culinary skills, Caitlin managed to raise an awesome $225 for The Smith Family.

Keep reading to learn more about her inspiring fundraising story!

Tell us about yourself and your connection to TSF?

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We have been sponsoring a boy called Winston for as long as I can remember so I have grown up knowing a bit about The Smith Family. I think every child should have the same opportunities, but because I know that doesn’t always happen it makes me feel grateful for what I have.

Tell us about your fundraising acvitity.

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Me and my dad made crepes and lemonade. We love making crepes every other Sunday and thought we could spread the joy of our delicious breakfast around the neighborhood, while supporting a great cause. Luckily, the lemons were kindly donated which we really appreciated plus Coles kindly supported us aswell and the stand went on to be a big success.

Tell us a little more about what inspired you to fundraise for The Smith Family?

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Firstly, because I think it’s a great cause to fundraise for and it could simply just change a student’s day and put a smile on their face. Another reason is because my mum recently did a free gift-wrapping stand for a gold coin donation and she succeeded at that, this motivated me to do the same thing but with my own ring to it.

What was your favourite moment?

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My favorite moment was when we started getting people arriving saying that they had seen a flyer or they heard about it from a friend and so came down. I was expecting people to just see it whilst walking down the street but for people to actually put in the effort to come down and support us really filled my bucket.

What is your top tip for other fundraisers wanting to get involved?

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One thing I would suggest is to do something you really love and enjoy doing because it’s a lot more enjoyable. One other thing I would say is to make sure you spread the word to make sure people know when you’re doing it so more people come down, Also, check your information! One mistake we made was that we accidentally wrote the 9th instead of the 10th on our flyers so we had to go back round correcting the dates with a black marker.


Has this sparked a fundraising idea or two? Contact us via email and we will reach out about the next steps to kickstart your fundraising!