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Fergusons Plumbing Raises Awareness for The Smith Family

Fergusons Plumbing Group has decided to support The Smith Family to help in making a difference to the lives of Aussie kids struggling with poverty. Fergusons are happy to be working with The Smith Family who are dedicated to helping disadvantaged Aussie children to succeed at school, empowering them to create a better future for themselves.


At Fergusons Plumbing Group, we are dedicated to providing rapid same-day plumbing service to our valued customers across Sydney, Wollongong as well as other cities. While solving plumbing problems is what we do every day of the week, that doesn’t mean for a second that we can’t get beyond a really good cause like The Smith Family, and helping to support those dealing with childhood poverty. Regardless of where you are based, please help us to raise awareness for this very worthy cause.


We are very thankful for your support

The Crew at Fergusons Plumbing Group

Learn more about The Smith Family: 

As a leading plumbing service in Australia, Fergusons Plumbing Group is proud to be associated with The Smith Family, one of the country's leading charities that helps disadvantaged young Australians succeed in their education. We have partnered with The Smith Family to promote their mission, and our team is excited to be part of their efforts.


The Smith Family is an Australian children's charity that helps young people in need to create better futures for themselves through education. They work with disadvantaged students in Australia to provide them with the tools, resources and support they need to reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances.


Our team at Fergusons Plumbing recognises the vital role education plays in helping young Australians to succeed, and that's why we're committed to supporting The Smith Family's efforts. We believe that every young person in Australia deserves access to the best possible education, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Our partnership with The Smith Family will help us to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of young people in our local community. Through raising awareness and our fundraising efforts, we hope to help in providing essential educational resources, including school books, stationery, and uniforms to students in need.


At Fergusons Plumbing Group, we believe in the importance of giving back to the community, and supporting The Smith Family is one of the ways we do that. We have been proud to support The Smith Family's work, and we are excited to continue to do so in the future.


Our efforts have been well-supported by our customers, suppliers, and employees, who recognise the importance of education and the role it plays in shaping young people's lives. We encourage others to get involved in supporting The Smith Family, whether through donations, volunteering, or fundraising activities.


By working together, we can create a brighter future for disadvantaged young Australians and help them reach their full potential. We are committed to continuing our partnership with The Smith Family and making a difference in the lives of young people in Australia.