Do it Your Way 

Thinking about giving up coffee or maybe a head shave?

This is the place to do it! 

We believe all children and young people deserve dreams to hope for, ambitions to reach for, and the chance to make these happen and you can help make this difference. Whatever the idea, we'd love to have you on board! 

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Our Top Picks

  1. Can you go a week without? ‘So Long Smartphone’ and ‘Goodbye Morning Coffee’ are a few of our favourites! 
  2. Be a Good Sport: Golf, lawn bowls or an Amazing Race day are great to get the heart and funds pumping! 
  3. Movie Marathon: Contact your local cinema to arrange a movie marathon at discount prices, and charge a premium.
  4. Back to School: Organise a uniform day in your office. Get back into school spirit to help raise funds for childrens education!
  5. Sausage Sizzle: Who doesn't love a sausage sandwich on the weekend? Contact your local bunnings or grocery store to organise a BBQ. 

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