Use the most important event in your life
to change someone else’s.

Our Top 4 Fundraising Tips for your celebration!


Create your online fundraising page

It’s super easy and can be accessed immediately via friends and family with your unique URL. Just choose your celebration, enter your details and you’re ready to go!


Upload a profile picture 

People are much more likely to donate to you if they know who they are supporting. Don't be shy - put a face to the page and make it your own!


Write a blog post!

Tell your supporters how much The Smith Family means to you and what made you choose our organisation. Just head to your dashboard and click ‘edit your page’ to get writing.


Fundraising support

We’ll keep in touch with you and give you some cool templates to use for your fundraiser.  We’ve also got some on hand in your dashboard if you're ready to get started now.

We're here to help!