Personal Challenge 

Challenge yourself and make a real difference!

Taking on a personal challenge takes hard work and dedication, and raising money for The Smith Family is the perfect way to make your efforts worthwhile. This will give you the opportunity to support disadvantaged children and raise money to help them through their education.

Whether you’re thinking about creating your own personal challenge or are in need of some inspiration (have a browse through our favourite events below!), we think that you’re amazing.

Start Fundraising

We’re looking forward to cheering you across the finish line!

Boost your fundraising by taking the following easy actions


Make the first donation yourself.

Show your potential supporters you truly believe in what you are doing by making the first donation yourself!


Tell your network.

Let your friends, family and colleagues know what you’re hoping to achieve and why, because let’s face it – it’s incredible!


Say thank you to everyone who supported you.

Remind them how their help will transform the lives of disadvantaged Australian children.

Need help?